Teens in libraryThe Inclusive Communities Project (ICP) resource page is for individuals and organizations seeking information about the conditions of racial and economic segregation and its relationship to housing opportunities. Through its own research, and its compilation of information and data from a variety of sources, ICP can help the student, the advocate, and the policy maker to understand how the issues of race discrimination, housing, education, health, and economic opportunity are related.

Below are links to selected websites, articles, and other organizational sites that deal with the issues of housing, race, and opportunity.

Renter Resources


Texas Tax Credit Property Inventory List
Note that many Dallas area LIHTC properties are located in crime hot spots and areas of distress. Feel free to check an address found in the Inventory List on for neighborhood information.

Community Lifeline Center, Short-term Crisis Assistance:

Samaritan Inn, Homeless and Homeless Prevention Services:

Salvation Army of DFW, Emergency Services:

The Family Place:

Hopes Door:

Research and Data

To help you understand your community and the trends in your region, state, or the United States in general.

Information from the Census:

Lewis Mumford Center for Comparative and Regional Research:
A resource for conducting urban research with a comparative and historical scope, for promoting local involvement and planning initiatives, and for national endeavors examining urban change over time. The Lewis Mumford Center has on-line resources and a helpful e-newsletter.

Texas State Data Center and Office of the State Demographer:
A focal point for the distribution of Census information for the State of Texas. The Center also disseminates population estimates and projections for Texas, as well as other information from the federal government, state government, and other sources.

The Bruton Center:
A resource for conducting research on social and economic issues related to urban and regional growth, as well as applied research on the institutions and public policies that shape the metropolitan environment.

Collinson R, Ganong P. Incidence and Price Discrimination: Evidence from Housing Vouchers. [Internet]. 2013. Copy at
Authors examine the incidence of housing vouchers in the United States including a change in Dallas, which switched from a single, metrowide price ceiling to ZIP code-level price ceilings. Tenants moved to better neighborhoods, without any net cost to the government.

Institute for Urban Policy Research:

Civil Rights/Fair Housing Advocacy Organizations


Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under the Law:

The Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund:

NAACP Legal Defense Fund:

National Fair Housing Alliance:

National Council of La Raza:

The National Fair Housing Advocate Online:
This resource is designed to serve both the fair housing advocacy community and the general public with timely news and information regarding the issues of housing discrimination.


Disability Rights Texas:
Disability Rights Texas’ mission is to help people with disabilities understand and exercise their rights under the law, ensuring their full and equal participation in society.

North Texas Fair Housing Center:
NTFHC is a non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating housing discrimination in North Texas. Its counseling, discrimination complaint investigation and educational programs are provided free of charge to the community.

Texas Civil Rights Project:

Texas Low Income Housing Information Service:

Austin – Austin Tenants’ Council:

San Antonio – Fair Housing Council of Greater San Antonio:

Texas Tenants Union:

Governmental Fair Housing Offices

Dallas – Dallas Fair Housing Office:

Texas Workforce Commission, Civil Rights Division:

Department of Housing and Urban Development:

Policy and Research

Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity:

Institute on Race and Poverty:

Joint Center for Housing Studies:
Harvard University’s center for information and research on housing in the United States. The Joint Center analyzes the dynamic relationships between housing markets and economic, demographic, and social trends, providing leaders in government, business, and the non-profit sector with the knowledge needed to develop effective policies and strategies.

Center on Urban and Metropolitan Studies of the Brookings Institution:
Research sponsored by Brookings on urban, metropolitan and regional issues. Brookings also sponsors an e-newsletter that notifies subscribers of new research studies available on the website.

Urban Institute:
A nonprofit, nonpartisan policy, research, and educational organization established to examine the social, economic, and governance problems facing the nation. It provides information and analysis to public and private decision makers to help them address these challenges and strives to raise citizen understanding of these issues and tradeoffs in policy making.
For specific information on racial and economic fair housing policy, click:

Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies:
Informs and illuminates the nation’s major public policy debates through research, analysis, and information dissemination in order to: improve the socioeconomic status of black Americans and other minorities; expand their effective participation in the political and public policy arenas; and promote communications and relationships across racial and ethnic lines to strengthen the nation’s pluralistic society.

Poverty and Race Research Action Center (PPRAC):
PRRAC’s purpose is to link social science research to advocacy work in order to successfully address problems at the intersection of race and poverty.

The Civil Rights Project at UCLA Proyecto Derechos Civiles:
Their mission is to help renew the civil rights movement by bridging the worlds of ideas and action, to be a preeminent source of intellectual capital within that movement, and to deepen the understanding of the issues that must be resolved to achieve racial and ethnic equity as society moves through the great transformation of the 21st century.

Center on Budget & Policy Priorities:

Opportunity Agenda:

Other Advocacy Related Organizations

Business and Professional People in the Public Interest:
the Chicago public interest law firm that litigated the Gautreaux case for 40 years challenging public housing segregation, which resulted in the first housing mobility program in the country.

Operates the Fair Housing Justice Center

Other Materials

Keeping the Promise: Preserving and Enhancing Housing Mobility in the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program: Conference Report of the Third National Conference on Housing Mobility, a publication by the Poverty & Race Research Action Council:

Protecting Housing Mobility in the Section 8 Program (February, 2005) See full text.

PRRAC critiques HUD guidance to Public Housing Agencies on Mobility (August, 2004) Letter to HUD. See full text.

Civil Rights Mandates in the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) Program (March, 2004) Letter to the I.R.S See full text.

Civil Rights Rollback Glossary (March, 2004) Compiled by the National Campaign to Restore Civil Rights. See full text.

Creating Opportunity for Children: How Housing Location Can Make a Difference.  See full text.

Publications by ICP Authors

Elizabeth K. Julian, Inclusive Communities Financial Institutions: Investing in a More Ambitious Vision for the Future, Poverty & Race Volume 24: Number 5, Poverty & Race Research Action Council (September/October 2015).

Elizabeth K. Julian & Demetria L. McCain, Housing Mobility: A Civil Right, in The Integration Debate:  Competing Futures for American Cities 85 (2009).

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Elizabeth K. Julian, Fair Housing and Community Development:  A Time to Come Together, 41 Indiana Law Review 555 (2007).

Elizabeth Julian, An Unfinished Agenda, 29 Shelterforce 20 (Winter 2007).

Elizabeth K. Julian, Taking Gautreaux National:  The Polikoff Proposal, 1 Northwestern Journal of Law and Social Policy 202 (2006).