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ICP will engage in advocacy to promote fair and affordable housing opportunities, secure the right to such opportunities, and address the violation of laws that protect the right to access those opportunities by low income people of color. Specifically, ICP will contribute to administrative and policy discussions at the local, state, and federal levels, and, where necessary, will engage in administrative advocacy and litigation in furtherance of the mission of the organization.

Federal Litigation

ICP is the product of aggressive civil rights housing litigation and ICP's leadership recognizes that pursuit of a mission as controversial and ambitious as ICP's necessarily involves the ability to use the stick as well as the carrot.  A number of the most difficult impediments to achieving ICP's mission involve resistance to the affordable housing that could offer low income minority families opportunities in the high opportunity, high growth, suburban, and predominantly white areas of the Dallas Metroplex.  Litigation can be an effective tool in eliminating these impediments.  ICP has retained the services of the Daniel & Beshara, P.C. law firm to provide representation and advice for ICP about matters related to ICP's mission. Court filings and orders related to some of ICP's cases may be viewed at