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It is often said that “knowledge is power” because it gives us the ability to see beyond media spin, our own biases and intentional misinformation and towards truths that can change the status quo.  At ICP we believe that facts are crucially important in the effort to affirmatively further fair housing and stop the perpetuation of segregated housing patterns and discrimination.
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Housing "Choice" Vouchers

blog by ICP staff “How Housing Mobility Efforts Are Advancing Health In Dallas”

Housing mobility counseling is an effective tool to help low-wage households with vouchers move to better-resourced neighborhoods, often away from high poverty and segregation. Click here to read more:

ICP’s Apartment Survey Results Shows a Perpetuation of Residential Segregation as Entire Dallas Area Cities are Off-Limits to Housing Choice Voucher Holders

The Inclusive Communities Project directed a survey of private market-rate multi-family apartment complexes in the Dallas region.  There were 1901 properties in Collin, Dallas, Denton and Rockwall counties surveyed.  Only twelve percent (12%) of those surveyed said they will rent to families with a Housing Choice Voucher (HCV).  Only four percent (4%) of the complexes in majority white non-Hispanic zip […]


ICP is on StoryCorp!

ICP assists and advocates for real people with real issues. On ICP’s StoryCorps page, hear housing choice voucher holders talk about their experiences as they moved to low-poverty neighborhoods free of segregation where they thought their families could best thrive.  You will also be able to hear from Dallas residents who have participated in ICP’s Voices for Opportunity advocacy training […]

ICP’s Voices for Opportunity Initiative Helps “Justice for Joppa” Campaign Get its First Win

ICP’s Voices for Opportunity Initiative Helps “Justice for Joppa” Campaign Get its First Win Click here to read more:  VFO-JFTA for blog After months of public comments after public comments at Dallas City Council meetings, members of the Joppa Freedman’s Town Association (JFTA) finally won their battle against the inclusion of two batch plants within the confines of their small Dallas […]

Power concedes nothing without demand : Lessons learned by Southeast Dallas residents-Recent Op-ed by ICP President

Read a recent opinion piece by ICP’s president, Demetria McCain, reflecting on the Deepwood Dump fight for neighborhood equity and today’s current struggles in the neighborhood:  

State & Local

Op-Ed: What Do We Have to Offer Harvey Evacuees?

The Dallas area overflows with charitable giving, but does it have affordable housing to help evacuees?  Read ICP president’s most recent opinion piece.

Location, Location, Location

Redlining, Discrimination, & Segregation: A Community Conversation Featuring the Author of The Color of Law Richard Rothstein

RSVP Here: 

Newly Published Book–The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How our Government Segregated America

The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How our Government Segregated America, by Richard Rothstein, has been praised by leading scholars and civil rights attorneys.  The book includes a photo of ICP’s founder, Elizabeth K. Julian, and ICP client Ms. Bernistine Williams.  

Snapshot: Tax Credits’ Revitalization Outcomes

The use of Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) alone have not resulted in revitalized neighborhoods. Daniel & Beshara, P.C.’s analysis explores the impacts high concentrations of LIHTC housing. Hatcher Square PowerPoint