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Elizabeth K. Julian
Photo by Linda Blase

ICP Founder * Senior Counsel
Elizabeth K. Julian

Message from the Founder/Senior Counsel

Demetria McCain

ICP President
Demetria McCain
, Esq.

Letter from the President

Ann Lott

ICHDC Executive Director
Ann Lott

Contact Information

3301 Elm Street
Dallas, Texas 75226

ICP Phone: (214) 939-9239
ICHDC Phone: (214) 743-4601
Fax: (214) 939-9229 (ICP & ICHDC)

Nyesha Lockett - Executive Assistant (214) 743-4603


Mobility Assistance Program Staff
Nicole Rolfe - MAP Director (214) 658-1339
Tameca Harris - Counselor (214) 658-1338
Kay Butler - Counselor (214) 658-1336
Shamira Lawrence - Counselor (214) 743-4602
Ray Young, Jr. - Counselor (214) 658-1334
Pamela Fields - Special Mobility Programs Counselor (214) 658-1332
Tameka Bradshaw - MAP Program Assistant (214) 658-1331

Mobility Assistance Program Fax: (214) 658-1329

Para ayuda en Espanol por favor contacta (214) 743-4602.
Hearing Impaired? Use the relay option of your choice.


ICP Board of Directors

Craig Flournoy, Chair
Stacy Seicshnaydre, Vice-Chair
Barbara Samuels, Secretary
Demetria McCain, President (non-voting)
Elizabeth K. Julian, Treasurer (non-voting)
Debra Kroupa
Alex Polikoff
john a. powell
Florence Roisman