Housing “Choice” Vouchers

Listen to Renters Speak out about Housing Voucher Discrimination

As bills try to make their way through Texas’ 87th legislative session (2021), ICP and Texas Tenants Union housing choice voucher holders speak out about the voucher discrimination they face while searching for housing. (click the above picture to access the video) Video production courtesy of Texas Housers HB 886: Seeks to repeal the 2015 state law that preempts cities […]

ICP’s Second Apartment Survey Shows Abysmal Results as Rampant Discrimination against Housing Choice Voucher Holders Continues to Segregate North Texas Households

Three years after release of its 2017 landlord survey report, which showed only 12% of landlords in Dallas, Collin, Denton and Rockwall counties accepting renters who use housing choice voucher subsidies, the Inclusive Communities Project’s (ICP) 2020 report shows worse results with only seven percent (7%) acceptance. For Dallas County alone, the acceptance rate was seven percent (7%). The organization’s […]

ICP Continues to Support Local Control for Local Housing Problems like Voucher Discrimination

   On behalf of ICP, its housing mobility counseling program that helps voucher holders find and obtain rental units where its clients see they can best thrive, we thank Representatives Jon Rosenthal (HB 1257) and Eddie Rodriguez (HB 2187) for sponsoring bills that sought to uncuff cities and counties that would have allowed them to make housing decisions on their […]

blog by ICP staff “How Housing Mobility Efforts Are Advancing Health In Dallas”

Housing mobility counseling is an effective tool to help low-wage households with vouchers move to better-resourced neighborhoods, often away from high poverty and segregation. Click here to read more: https://www.healthaffairs.org/action/doSearch?field1=AllField&text1=demetria&DOResourceTypeId=blog&Ppub=&Ppub=&AfterMonth=&AfterYear=&BeforeMonth=&BeforeYear=

ICP’s Apartment Survey Results Shows a Perpetuation of Residential Segregation as Entire Dallas Area Cities are Off-Limits to Housing Choice Voucher Holders

The Inclusive Communities Project directed a survey of private market-rate multi-family apartment complexes in the Dallas region.  There were 1901 properties in Collin, Dallas, Denton and Rockwall counties surveyed.  Only twelve percent (12%) of those surveyed said they will rent to families with a Housing Choice Voucher (HCV).  Only four percent (4%) of the complexes in majority white non-Hispanic zip […]

ICP Finds HUD’s Proposed SAFMR Rule Primed to Perpetuating Racial Segregation

Read ICP’s comments about HUD’s proposed Small Area Fair Market Rents (SAFMRs) rule challenging their arbitrary and artificial formulas that limit usage of SAFMRs thereby perpetuating racial segregation in the Dallas Area. ICP Comment on Docket Number FR-5855-P-02

“Opening the Door” a video by the Voices for Opportunity

Opening the Door Inclusive Communities Project Video

Voices for Opportunity (VFO) participants are comprised of low-income renters, social service providers and other community members who want to see an increase in the stock of rental units available to low-income families in high opportunity areas of the Dallas Metroplex. VFO participants share many of the same values, desires and concerns as middle-income residents. Above all else they seek […]