Community Visioning Training: a Step toward Equitable Zoning

Saturday’s workshops will be facilitated by urban planner, community activist, and artist, James Rojas. There is no cost associated with this workshop. It is free and open to the public. Due to limited seating we request you to register online at the below Eventbrite links. Morning Session Registration:  Afternoon Session Registration:

ICP’s Voices for Opportunity Advocacy Training Announces: The People’s Zoning Workshops

Dallas residents are learning how zoning and land use impact their neighborhoods and can contribute to neighborhood inequity. Join us in better understanding how you can participate in the zoning process, start realizing a vision for your neighborhood and ensure fair housing.  Watch for upcoming workshops throughout the year.  Follow for us on social media for real time announcements. We’re […]

ICP is on StoryCorp!

ICP assists and advocates for real people with real issues. On ICP’s StoryCorps page, hear housing choice voucher holders talk about their experiences as they moved to low-poverty neighborhoods free of segregation where they thought their families could best thrive.  You will also be able to hear from Dallas residents who have participated in ICP’s Voices for Opportunity advocacy training […]

ICP’s Voices for Opportunity Initiative Helps “Justice for Joppa” Campaign Get its First Win

ICP’s Voices for Opportunity Initiative Helps “Justice for Joppa” Campaign Get its First Win Click here to read more:  VFO-JFTA for blog After months of public comments after public comments at Dallas City Council meetings, members of the Joppa Freedman’s Town Association (JFTA) finally won their battle against the inclusion of two batch plants within the confines of their small Dallas […]

Power concedes nothing without demand : Lessons learned by Southeast Dallas residents-Recent Op-ed by ICP President

Read a recent opinion piece by ICP’s president, Demetria McCain, reflecting on the Deepwood Dump fight for neighborhood equity and today’s current struggles in the neighborhood:  

Getting Your Fair Housing Concerns Heard-VFO Webinar

Click here to download a recording of this webinar from August 30, 2017: A copy of the webinar slides may be viewed here: Dallas Regional AFH Webinar Slides Aug 30 2017

Online guide for advocates to evaluate HUD regular and small area fair market rents

Two SAFMR instructional guides are now available on the Daniel & Beshara, PC website at:  One guide is for those who want to understand the difference SAFMRs can make in a specific area that does not use SAFMRs. This guide uses the Cleveland HUD FMR Area data as the example. The guide evaluates the percent of units made available by […]

Big Results for D/FW from ICP v. TDHCA Litigation: Increase in Housing Access outside Racially Segregated Areas & Reformed 9% LIHTC Allocation Process

To view our video about the results, click here: