Building Inclusive Communities

Building CommunityThere are many things that cities, organizations, and individuals can do to promote and support inclusiveness, fairness, and opportunity in the community in which they live and work. The work can begin with understanding the value of inclusiveness to the overall health and well-being of communities in 21st century America. There are models of success and people willing to work with you to achieve the benefits of such communities. But you have to make the effort. Separation by race/ethnicity and class has historically been an organizing principle of our economy, politics and social circles. It won’t disappear overnight, but you can make a difference.

Inclusionary Housing Initiative

No one wants their city, town, or neighborhood to be seen as refusing to include families simply because of the race, color, or national origin of those families or because those families include children. But inclusive communities require inclusive housing.  ICP would like to use its resources to ensure that, as we grow as a region, people of all races and economic conditions are included in the progress that growth represents.

ICP is engaged in an ongoing assessment of how ICP can best use its resources to create racially and economically inclusive housing opportunities throughout the Dallas metropolitan area. ICP will engage in research that provides an in-depth look at where such opportunities exist, where they don’t, and why. ICP will seek to talk and listen to local officials, local civic/non-profit/business and faith-based leaders, housing and community development professionals, neighborhood association leaders, and others whose actions can impact the availability of such opportunities.  The goal will be to develop a plan that will affirmatively and effectively further such housing opportunities, with particular emphasis on market-driven high-opportunity areas of the Metroplex.

Cities and Counties

ICP is a resource for cities and counties interested in promoting inclusiveness as a community value. We can work with communities to evaluate the presence of barriers that may exist to achieving such an environment, and to identify tangible actions that a community can take to address those barriers. Specifically, ICP can act as a resource for communities receiving housing and community development funds from HUD in developing and implementing a Fair Housing Plan, including the required Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing.

Civic and Non-Profit Organizations

ICP will work with local civic/non-profit/faith-based groups interested in meeting the challenges and reaping the rewards that living in a diverse and inclusive community bring. If you are in a community that has diversity, but struggles with issues that inhibit that diversity from making your community a more vibrant, richer, and desirable place, you can benefit from the experiences of others who have successfully done so. If you don’t like the image of your community as an homogenous “exclusive enclave” that is hostile to the idea of residents whose color or income is different, but have concerns about what changing that image would involve or how you would do it, ICP would like to work with you to develop a plan for making your community more open.


ICP is a resource for affordable housing developers, both for-profit and not-for-profit, who want to create affordable housing opportunities in neighborhoods and communities that offer the good schools, safe neighborhoods, economic opportunities, and healthy environments for children, with particular focus on those communities that have little or no affordable housing. ICP will work to help overcome the effects of NIMBY (“not in my back yard”) attitudes where they create barriers to such development.