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Demetria McCain

ICP Vice President/
Deputy Director

Demetria McCain
, Esq.

Elizabeth K. Julian
Photo by Linda Blase

ICP President
Elizabeth K. Julian

Message from the President

Ann Lott

ICHDC Executive Director
Ann Lott

Contact Information

3301 Elm Street
Dallas, Texas 75226

ICP Phone: (214) 939-9239
ICHDC Phone: (214) 743-4601
Fax: (214) 939-9229 (ICP & ICHDC)

Mobility Assistance Program Staff
Nicole Rolfe - Senior Counselor (214) 658-1339
Tameca Harris - Counselor (214) 658-1338
Kay Butler - Counselor (214) 658-1336
Shamira Lawrence - Counselor (214) 743-4602
Ray Young, Jr. - Counselor (214) 658-1334
Pamela Fields - Special Mobility Programs Counselor (214) 658-1332
Nyesha Lockett-Gilzene - MAP Program Assistant (214) 658-1330
Tameka Bradshaw - MAP Program Assistant (214) 658-1331

Mobility Assistance Program Fax: (214) 658-1329

Para ayuda en Espanol por favor contacta (214) 743-4602.
Hearing Impaired? Use the relay option of your choice.


ICP Board of Directors

Craig Flournoy, Chair
Florence Roisman, Vice-Chair
Stacy Seicshnaydre, Secretary
Elizabeth K. Julian, President (ex-officio)/Treasurer
Debra Kroupa
Alex Polikoff
john a. powell
Barbara Samuels
Demetria McCain, Asst. Secretary (non-voting)